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Data Center Design, Construction & Relocations

Handling all aspects of building a data center.

A difficult project for a company to begin is designing or relocating a data center. Data center design and relocations is so vital to a company and its well-being that you really can't trust the job to anybody – you have to know that the network security company you hire is dependable and will get the job done when they say they will. That's where Managed Technology can help you. At Managed Technology, we have the experienced network security professionals that you need when it comes time for your new data center to be designed or relocated.

Managed Technology is a leading provider of IT support and network management solutions. The staff of Managed Technology is experienced in every aspect that pertains to network security and IT support and have plenty of experience when it comes to designing, building, and relocating data centers. Managed Technology can handle data center design and relocations for any size company – from the largest right on down to the smallest.

Given our proven track record for providing the best service when it comes data center design and relocations, Managed Technology has all of the resources needed to design, build, or relocate your company's data center. With Managed Technology, you never have to worry about the job not getting completed on time or that there will be any hidden costs that will completely blow your budget.

We can handle all of the aspects of your data center design project, including:

  • Data center design
  • Telco and Internet service relocation coordination
  • Recommendations for power and air conditioning for the data center
  • Physical relocation for the office equipment, including break down and set-up
  • UPS and generator redundant power system design
  • Complete project management
  • Fire suppression system design and/or recommendations
  • Design and implementation of security camera system
  • Design for raised floor, rack, and cable plant
  • Security for data center, including door access control
  • Services for fiber and copper cable

When you are building a new data center, you can expect for everyday business at your company to be disrupted while the building project is being completed. That means any delay that occurs while the project is being completed is a delay for your business. With Managed Technology and our experienced staff on the project, you can be certain that we will do whatever it takes to make sure there are no unnecessary delays to completing your data center building from being completed.

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