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Network Audits

Making Sure Your Network is Secure and Performing to Its Best Ability

One of your company's most important pieces of infrastructure is your network, and it's essential to ensure it's performance is the best it can be, and a network audit from Managed Technology can help you rest assured that this crucial business tool is free of issues. We will gather data and identify threats before compiling a network audit report to be sent to network administrators.

Networks are constantly changing as a user adds a device or even new hardware to the network infrastructure. Unless you monitor the network, these changes can lead to diminished security and performance. Network auditing maps network devices, software and hardware. This allows network administrators to know what changes have been made and what operating systems are running on the network. A comprehensive network audit can even include which use has access to which devices and what hardware makes up each device. The more detailed the network audit, the better.

Documentation is an important, if often overlooked, aspect of IT infrastructure. This is where network audits come in. Managed Technology specializes in network auditing and ensures companies achieve the complete IT security and performance goals that they aim for. Without network monitoring and audits, your information could be vulnerable.

A Managed Technology Network Audit Provides:

  • Internal and external network security auditing
  • Complete inventory and network design documentation
  • Risk assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Technical writing
  • Regulatory and compliance documentation
  • Disaster recovery planning documentation

Companies cannot do too much when it comes to having accurate and complete network documentation. Getting a network audit by Managed Technology is the best thing a business owner can do for their business when it comes to their IT infrastructure.

Ways that Network Auditing by Managed Technology Helps Your Business

  • Shrink the costs of maintenance through inventorying the company's assets
  • Expedite the planning more accurately through improving business knowledge of the network resources and proficiencies
  • Assistance with assessing problems with stability in networks that do not perform up to par
  • Give a very important competitive edge to the company through enabling them to provide for technology adoption for acquisitions and mergers, aligning organization, and deploying new applications
  • Put forth the baseline precedent for best practices, advanced technology, security, and designing and implementing new services within the company
  • Give the company the tools it needs to have the flexibility and security so the business can adapt very fast to any business changes that come its way
  • Minimize the risks of the business that comes from the security of network infrastructure

Network Auditing at Managed Technology

The IT strategists at Managed Technology have the skills and expertise necessary to identify, manage, and reduce the risk to your company's network. The strategists at Managed Technology will do whatever they can to work with you and your company to make sure your network is secure and performing to its best ability. The strategists will help you recognize what you need to do in order to safeguard your network in order to protect your IT assets that are critical to your business and do so in the most cost-effective manner possible for you. You can't put a price on IT asset protection, but we will be sure to give you all the tools you need at an affordable cost.

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