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"Good Afternoon Jamie,

I did not have a chance before, but now I have some peace to write to you about how much I appreciate all your effort to keep us working with the loaner server. You have an amazing team, Barry, Mike, Bryant, ... I am so happy and grateful that you guys are maintaining our system and taking such good care of us.

Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for your professionalism.
Thank you for your excellence.
Thank you for your prompt care.
Thank you for giving me so many reasons to praise you and your team to the moon and back.

You have every reason to be proud of yourself because you provide a high quality service, and nothing less could be expected from a high quality person.

This Friday I have off because I have to run some errands, when I am finished I will stop by and bring you some beer. "

Thank you again for everything. Be well.
- Sophie Stark

"Hey Jamie / Mike:

Just a quick note to acknowledge the expertise and “above and beyond” service that Barry provides. He quickly got me going on three computers today and his expertise is second to none.

Barry is a true pro’s pro and MT is lucky to have him (not sure what you’re paying him but sure it’s not enough!!!).

Always great to work with Barry and the rest of the team at MT (super job guys!).

Again, many thanks to Barry and the MT team."

Best regards,
- Bill Pankracij

"Good morning Jamie,

Hope all is well with you.

Unfortunately, businesses only hear from customers to express dissatisfaction or unhappiness.

I am writing to let you know what a wonderful, friendly support staff you employ. We truly appreciate the prompt response to emails and phone calls, along with the resolution of our issues.

Keep up the good work!"

- Joan Scanlon


"Thank you Jamie,
All is great 😊 (no sarcasm intended), I hope the same for you! Thank you and your staff for the continuing great service!"
- Ed Cohen

"A big thanks to you and your team for helping us through this nightmare yesterday."
- Kevin Schmitt, Esq.,

"Hi Barry,
I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that your employee, Marc Munoz, saved the day today! We lost power this morning from 9am – 12:30pm. Once power was restored, we were not able to access the internet or outlook. Thankfully I reached Marc asking for his help. I wanted you to know that he went above and beyond to help us. We did facetime and he helped us locate the problem. He was so patient with us…with 2 woman who know nothing about computers, modems, etc. We were back in business and able to process all our work.
When someone goes the extra mile, I think their performance should be recognized.
Many thanks!"
- Lorna Bligh

"Hi Tom,
I want to thank you again for helping us through our server crisis this morning. We were so fortunate to have the new server on our premises when the old server decided to stop working. What timing! We truly appreciate your expertise and swift attention to getting us back up and running.
- Denise Josephs

"Good Afternoon Jamie,
I wanted to send you a quick email to tell how pleased we were with Mark today. The service he provided was excellent. He was polite, accommodating and very knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure to have him at our office today. We would give him a full five stars out of five. He was even able to fix my wireless printing that no one was able to fix six months ago. Mark represents you company in the best possible way.
I also would like to take a moment to share with you that we think very highly of Tom as well. He is the one person that if we have a problem we know we are in good hands with Tom. He was very helpful to me personally during the COVID 19 quarantine when I was working from home. He has always provided us with exceptional service and someone we have grown to trust.
Thank you for your excellent service."
- Mandy Coto

"Thank you Jamie,
that’s why we only go to you guys for our computer needs because you guys are an excellent company that does not only provides great service but also puts your customers first, and we appreciate that! Thank you!
You guys stay safe as well!!!
Thank you,"
- Immer Canales

"Hi Jamie,
Thank you, that's very nice of you. I was actually going to send you an email today just to say how wonderful your office & staff have been during this difficult time. I especially wanted to mention Nick, I've dealt with him a lot during this crisis and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He helped make a really difficult time for us so much easier. He is very knowledgable, professional, responsive and follows up when he says he will. Clearly he is excellent at his job and wanted to let you know. Thanks again to all of you for getting us through these challenging times and continue to do so, I really appreciate it. I hope you all stay safe & healthy!!"
- Barbara Kenny

"Hi Jamie,
This is to confirm receipt of invoice and thank Barry, Nick and Roberto for assisting me with my computer issues. They are absolutely awesome."
- Sonji Crawford-Clark

"Good afternoon Jamie
Thanks so much for the accommodation of reconfiguring our computer space at no charge. Your company has always been extremely responsive to our needs and as a business owner, that always gets high marks in our books. A wait time for anything tech related means delayed response time to our customers which can be particularly troublesome. Like you, customer support is our primary goal. Thanks so much for being attentive to our needs over the years and a big thank you for graciously waiving the charges.
Have a relaxing weekend!
With kind regards,"
- Sue Baum

"Managed Technology,
Just wanted to let you know that the service we have experienced with Managed IT compared to our last computer company is like night and day. All the people we have dealt with that work for Managed IT are responsive, polite, professional, smart etc. They always help us immediately and always are able to fix the issues.
Thanks again!"

"Jamie, Your guys are great, thanks again for your help."
Best regards,
- Jack

I just wanted to drop you a quick note since I haven’t spoken to you in a while. I was very reluctant to bring in an outside IT company for the fear of not having control of my network and for fear of it getting screwed up. Your team has more than eased my initial fears and have made me feel comfortable with giving that control to you, which has allowed me to concentrate on my business more. I want to also say that Jim and Tom did a fantastic job with the virtualization project. They exceeded my expectations and everything went extremely smooth and painless. I have never really had much of an IT budget before you were brought on and I am happy to say that you have made it easy for me to justify that line item on my budget going forward. As a service provider like you its always nice to hear that our efforts don’t go unnoticed so I wanted to make sure that you knew how pleased all of us here at MJI are with the support and professionalism from your company.
Keep up the great work.
- Mike

"Jamie, Your guys are great, thanks again for your help."
Best regards,
- Jack

"Thankyou Jamie. You guys are doing a great job. I appreciate all your hard work. Enjoy your day."
- Denise Duckham

"Thank you so much Jamie. You guys were amazing! We will get the check in the mail this week. Thanks again."
- Michael

"Jamie, Please pass on to the appropriate individuals our appreciation of our Mantec IT Team. Mike, Roberto and Tom have been giving us outstanding professional service since we signed up with your organization. Their response time is amazing, their technical knowledge, ability to problem solve and come up with cost effective solutions is exceptional. They are professional yet friendly and easy to work with. I want to point out that Mike, in particular, is really extraordinary. He has been helping us with solutions to our problems even after hours on his time off. (Tell him he needs a life! :) He thinks things through and finds a way to fix whatever we need help solving. We think of him as a part of our company. We are very happy that you called us to arrange introducing your company to ours. Many thanks from our RSC Team."
- Deborah

"Jamie,Happy to tell you that our computers and the information technology system here at Belli Monaco seems to be working perfectly. Thanks to you and your team for once again making this transition from the old to the new so easy! We appreciate all that your team has done for us!"
- Arthur

"It's working now!! Thanks for the speedy service Mike!"
- Meredith

"U 2! Thanks for sending the tech so quickly yesterday. I really appreciate it!"
- Marianne

"Thanks… you guys are doing a great job! You’ve made my job easier so that is good and I appreciate it… keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend."
- Greg

"Hi Jamie, Good Morning. Everything worked out great yesterday…thanks!! I was very impressed with your guy’s knowledge, and especially with the professional manner in which they worked! Thanks again!"
- Bob

"You guys are the best. Thanks..."
- Ashley

"I really appreciate everything you did today. It was a great decision to hire you. My decision. LOL!"
- Bill

"Hello Jamie,
Invoice well received.
Yes definitely happy with both, the response time and service.
ill let you know once we need your assistance again.
Have a great weekend,"
- Cintia

"Thanks Jamie . Just to let you know, we did pass the info about your firm to a lot of companies that we work with. I will put the word out there more for you. You and your techs are all highly trained and professional, it is our pleasure to work with you and we will love to recommend your firm for our friends and clients. Have a wonderful day :)
Best Regards,"
- Maisa

":) …. Just so you know I have to say you & your staff at the office are wonderful to work with. The service is impeccable. Thanks again
- Paula

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you at MT for all the support/guidance you’ve provided me over the past year. It has been an absolute pleasure working with all of you. I can honestly say you guys are one of the best (if not THE best) managed services providers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. So thank you for everything.
- Perry

"I can always count on you guys; you are ALWAYS there when I call or email so THANK YOU! Happy New Year :)"
- Debbie

"Hey Guys,
Just wanted to take a second to let you know that Roberto saved our ass at a client today. He did a great job. I am only reporting what Mark said as he worked with Roberto a few minutes ago."
- Sal

"Hi Jamie,
Hope all is well with all of you. You and your staff are the greatest!!"
- Nel

"Please forward this to everyone who helped get us back on line, you guys are great….can't thank you enough."
- Stephen

"Thanks so much!
We really appreciate how quick and efficient your company is. It gives us such a feeling of security."
- Grace

You guys are the best. Roberto’s visit helped give us back the full use of two PC’s. Many thanks for, again, waving a billable service visit. It’s always much appreciated and never taken for granted."
- Frank

"I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for all your help these past few months. Whenever I called with an issue it was handled promptly and efficiently. A special thank you to Rally who would always come to the community when needed and was so easy to work with."
- Mary

"Hi Jamie,
Thank you for your prompt service—I really appreciate it."
- Eric

Just a brief note to thank you for terrific service!
You exceeded my expectations after our server went down yesterday morning. We are back up and functioning this morning after Roberto installed the fix! I’m looking forward to the installation of our new server and continued support from Managed Technology.
You guys have a great team there and have once again reinforced my decision value Managed Technology as the perfect partner for our team here at Rapid Rivet!
Thanks so much."
- Al

"Jamie, thank you. We appreciate your prompt response and courtesy on the bill."
- David

"Hi Jamie. Dorothy is out today, but I would like to answer for both of us by saying that we absolutely want to stay onboard with Managed Tech!
I hope you know how much we value you as our partner and we want to thank you for continuing to provide CK with exceptional service!"
- Jen CooperKatz

Everything is up and running effectively. The guys did a great job migrating and upgrading the system and I love the technical support that the company provided. The bosses were happy with the work."
- Rasheed

"Hi! Kevin has been so wonderful! You have a great company with great people! Thank you so much! I plan on picking the drive up tomorrow."
- Sarah

"Hello Jamie,
You have no idea how amazed and grateful I am to have found your company.
You guys are always there when we need you, your prices are very competitive but your customer service can't be beat and not only did Kevin pickup, work on and delivery our tower but you also waived the fee. Seriously...W-O-W!
Thank you, THANK you, THANK YOU!!!!"
- The Drive Train Team

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