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Spend more time and energy on the work you want to do — architecture.

Architect IT Services

Traditionally, paper has been the medium of architects, and the pencil, T-square, and triangle have been their tools. In recent years, however, workstations, IT networks, and industry-specific software have transformed the process of architectural design. Now architects can make the numerous changes that are an inevitable part of their work far more quickly and easily. And with IT tools such as email, communication and data exchange with contractors and engineers working at various locations has become far more convenient and productive.

Architect IT Solutions

Managed Technology can provide comprehensive assessments of your company's assets, identifying issues that needed immediate attention, listing longer-term needs, and establishing priorities. Our services can range from virus protection, to long-range network planning that assures network security and stability, to addressesing potential problems before they become real ones.

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Architect IT Support

IT Solutions for Architects

All architects need IT support for themselves and their staff, including networking, cloud solutions, tablet support, and more. A productive IT environment can mean something different in an architecture or engineering firm than it does in other businesses. From the software they use to the confidential information they need to protect, architects have unique technology needs.

IT Consulting Architects

But architecture and engineering firms shouldn't have to constantly worry about IT support services or the technology they use - it should work when and how architects and staff need it to work, it should be designed to flow with their work process, it should protect sensitive information, and in the event of a problem, tech support should be quick and efficient.

IT Consulting For Architects

IT infrastructure needs to be handled by a service that understands industry specific technology challenges.

IT Services Architects

IT Support

The best way to deliver IT services is with a partnership approach: the IT support team works with the design team to determine how best to tailor the IT services to your workflow, whether it be through hardware, software, data storage, or other solutions. An IT support company must tailor its approach not just to the industry, but to each individual client - the same way architects tailor their design approach to each project.

IT Services For Architects

Part of the job of IT support is to assess where companies could be susceptible to online threats and offer solutions to close those gaps and protect client data. When you choose a managed services team with over ten years of experience in information technology, your business is assured the highest level of experience and professionalism.

IT Solutions Architects

Best Practices for Working Efficiently

Architects are busy, and productivity and efficiency are critical. In terms of IT support, that means effectively implementing and optimizing tools like Office 365 and design software. IT Services should work with the firm to tailor technology to your work style and specific needs.

IT Solutions For Architects

IT Support for Architecture

Security Services

Obviously no architecture firm wants to find itself with compromised client data, and the best way to avoid it is to make sure a breach never happens at all. You need a team who can find any potential vulnerabilities in your systems and offer solutions to keep you and your clients completely safe. Call us to get started with a thorough audit of your firm's IT environment.

IT Support Architects

Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery

Nothing is guaranteed, and a natural disaster, crime, power outage, or other event beyond your control could have a devastating effect on your company - if you're not prepared for it. With proper IT service and support, including backups and possibly an alternate location, your company will be able to recover quickly from whatever happens and get back to business.

IT Support For Architects

Network Design

Your network needs to be ready to handle business on a day to day basis and also ready to adapt as your business grows. We offer network solutions and services that can do a number of things for your company. You will get a network or a network upgrade that makes your systems:

Managed IT Consulting Architects

  • Faster
  • More Secure
  • Free from problems - large and small - that result in downtime
  • Equipped with better tools to make your operations more productive
  • Perform better overall
Managed IT Consulting For Architects

As an IT provider, we offer network customer service and support whenever you need it. When you call or contact us, we will spring into action to do whatever it takes to get your network and your business up and running again.

Managed IT Services Architects

Technology Support

Tech support services are a necessity, as even the best systems will eventually encounter a problem. If you face a loss of data or an IT disaster, you need recovery solutions to mitigate the damage as much as possible and get you back to work. Most importantly, we provide managed backups and have done so successfully for years, and design companies have several options to choose from. That way, you can rest easy knowing that if the worst happens, you will be able to quickly and easily restore data.

Managed IT Services For Architects

But no matter what happens in your office - hardware, software, network, or other problems - services are available to get the problem solved - FAST.

Managed IT Solutions Architects

We are an IT company with over a decade of experience, dedicating to providing superior IT consulting and problem-solving to businesses large and small. Contact Managed Technology today to discuss IT solutions and learn more about the services we offer. We will ensure your systems are fast, reliable, secure, and operating at peak performance. Our IT solutions free you from worrying about your IT systems and allow you to focus on growing your business. Call us today.

Managed IT Solutions For Architects

Case Studies

Managed Technology is the IT support choice for many businesses in a wide array of specialized industries including: Architecture, Construction, Education, Engineering, Finance, Food Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Law, Government, Manufacturing, and Non-Profit Organizations. We serve clients in each of these industries helping them increase their efficiency and allowing them to better serve their clients.

Managed IT Support

For a growing number of small to medium-sized businesses, hiring an IT management firm on an ongoing basis rather than an “as needed” basis has become an increasingly attractive option. The right IT services provider can reduce product selection, procurement, implementation, maintenance, and services costs by a significant amount. An IT services company can also increase the reliability and performance of your businesses' IT operations, resulting in greater return on investment and higher employee productivity.

Managed IT Support Architects

Managed Technology's technical experts can maximize our clients' success by molding their IT environment to the unique requirements of their business. See what our clients are saying on our Client Testimonials page.

Managed IT Support For Architects

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