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Local Area Networks (LAN) / Wide Area Networks (WAN) Support

LAN / WAN Support

Keeping communications and connections stable and secure is vital to your organization. Managed Technology provides LAN / WAN design, integration, upgrades, migration, relocation and support services.

We can also analyze, test, and troubleshoot existing network systems - local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) to ensure your networks are performing optimally.

Local Area Network LAN

When computers and other devices are connected within a small geographical or limited area, this is known as a local area network (LAN). Devices like computers and printers are connected to one another via Ethernet cables or WiFi. Our LAN connections make security the highest priority, so only authorized users can gain access to the network.

Access to the private network is regulated through both hardware and software and can be customized for any business situation.

The major advantage of LANs is their speed, which is often significantly faster than WANs. However, a local area network is obviously limited to the local area and can only be used within the confines of a smaller area, such as an office, building, or campus. LANs are a good networking option for a single organization. If your operations are carried out within a single area, a local area network is likely sufficient for your needs.

Wide Area Network WAN

The difference between LAN and WAN networks is the area they are able to reach. WANs are not restricted to a single location, and WANs connect LANs to one another - it links different local area networks together, usually through the internet. They also connect individual devices that can access the network remotely.

WANs require much larger and more complex infrastructure than a LAN. WAN connections rely on pathways to connect LANs over the internet or through cell phone towers or satellites. Because WAN or wide area network connections depend on more complex technologies, they absolutely need to be configured and maintained by networking professionals.

Businesses with many office locations need to stay connected, and that means they need WANs - but it doesn't mean they need to use resources to configure and service them. Managed Technology keeps all of your networks.

Local Area Network and Wide Area Network Services at Managed Technology

Our local area networks / LAN and wide area networks / WAN design services include desktop integration, wireless device integration, network security and firewall, IP telephony, voicemail and email messaging.

If your business needs a private networks and a secure connection to run business critical applications in offices located in different areas of the region or the country, Managed Technology has the network design and integration services to resolve your LAN/WAN problems. We can create highly secure private connections to allow for communications across small or large physical distances.

Whether installing a high-speed wireless connection to your new building across the road, or a 100MB connection to the server to keep those power users productive, we will install, maintain, and support reliable local area networks and / or wide area networks, including to specifically help your company achieve its technology and business objectives.

  • LAN/WAN Integration, Upgrades, Migrations, Support and Relocation Services
  • Desktop Integration, Upgrades, Migration, Support and Relocation Services
  • Thin Client Hardware/Software Integration
  • Wireless Device Integration
  • Internal/External Corporate Network Security, Firewall Solutions
  • Voicemail and Email Messaging Platform Integration
  • Voice/Data Cabling Installation (CAT6, CAT5, CAT5E, Multimode and Singlemode Fiber)
  • Application Rollout and Integration Services

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