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Network Security Solutions

Custom-fitted Network Security Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

Every business needs dependable network security solutions. Managed Technology is the place to go for the most dependable network security. We are the leading network security company that can bring threat management that is customized to meet your company's needs and also bring specialized network security solutions to the table that will protect your company from network and content-based threats that may come its way.

Managed Technology has a fantastic track record when it comes to providing excellent network security to companies in need. It does not matter if your business is small with a small network or if you have a larger business with a much larger network – Managed Technology can help you protect your company's network with our network security expertise. All businesses from enterprise-level to the smallest have data and systems they need to safeguard. Managed Technology has demonstrated the ability to protect networks in the most difficult job areas where security is a must, like the financial industry, medical field, insurance industry, and the legal field. These are all types of businesses where privacy and confidentiality are important, and Managed Technology makes sure each company's client information is protected to best ability possible.

Some of the types of network security Managed Technology provides for clients include:

  • Services to prevent spam from infiltrating your network
  • Security audits for the network, internally and externally
  • Installations of email servers and Internet gateways
  • Firewall installations / next generation firewall technologies
  • Virus protection and disaster prevention service for the network
  • Secure VPN solutions on the domestic and international level
  • Desktop and application security
  • Solutions for secure remote access / access control
  • Cloud security / cloud based infrastructure security management
  • Thin client solutions
  • Access control
  • Application security
  • Email security
  • Network segmentation

Threat Protection

Every organization needs network security management to protect both data and infrastructure. Cyber crime and cyber attacks are the fastest growing crime, and you must protect your business against these threats. Managed Technology offers the most current technologies in high performance threat protection and next generation firewalls. We can install an intrusion prevention system that will prevent data loss and protect infrastructure from malware and other threats. The types of network security we offer to protect your data keep your business safe across all applications and devices.

Protection Across All Networks, Systems, Devices, and Applications

Managed Technology can do anything you need for your company's network security. We realize that not every company is the same and needs the same things, so we custom fit each network security solution plan to meet your specific needs at your company. You always have a network security company you can depend on and trust when you work with Managed Technology. We will make sure that your company's network is at the highest level of security so you and your clients can breathe easy.

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